dbfread - Read DBF Files with Python

Version 2.0.7

DBF is a file format used by databases such dBase, Visual FoxPro, and FoxBase+. This library reads DBF files and returns the data as native Python data types for further processing. It is primarily intended for batch jobs and one-off scripts.

>>> from dbfread import DBF
>>> for record in DBF('people.dbf'):
...     print(record)
OrderedDict([('NAME', 'Alice'), ('BIRTHDATE', datetime.date(1987, 3, 1))])
OrderedDict([('NAME', 'Bob'), ('BIRTHDATE', datetime.date(1980, 11, 12))])

Source code

Latest stable release: https://github.com/olemb/dbfread/

Latest development version: https://github.com/olemb/dbfread/tree/develop/

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python setup.py docs

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